We service all types of Motorcycles including but not limited to:

Garage Company is kind of like a museum where you can buy almost everything. This website is just a sampler, say, of the gift shop. We have hundreds of things to sell or maybe just look at that we haven't put on this website (yet).

First and foremost, we have a nice collection of pristine condition bikes for sale. We also stock a huge collection of books and manuals about them, as well as videos , including a number of exclusive videos of vintage footage you'd be hard pressed to find anywhere else. Our memorabilia includes antique motorcycle postcards , vintage motorcycle signs and posters and even rubber stamps .

Also, we'd like you to check out our collection of correct restoration decals and transfers for the finishing touches on your restoration project. Many are in fact NOS so when you do get a real varnish transfer, please be sure to read the varnish decal application instructions .

We also carry a wide range of t-shirts with your favorite vintage marquee logos. At this time we are also offering a number or rare NOS collectible helmets , as well as new traditional "puddin' bowl" style Davida helmets , and of course goggles to match.

If you're really into the vintage bike racing scene, we hope you can attend our annual AHRMA race at Willow Springs - Corsa Motoclassica. Corsa 20 10 was our 1 5 th vintage race, bike show, and swap meet.

And finally, if you've never been here to our little shop you can read here a little bit about us , and maybe check our buy list (we give commissions and pay cash for whole inventories). And of course, once you're through perusing our little site, we hope you have time to browse on out to our links list.