Aviator Goggles Model 4440 Roadster

The Roadster is the smallest classic goggles which will provide good peripheral vision.
This model is an excellent fit for all faces: narrow or wide.

The nose bridge is adjustable over 10mm. Easy lens changing system made possible by side latches on the frame, headband is removable. Ventilation holes punched out on the top and bottom of the frame.

All 4440 models come with:

1 pair of clear
1 pair of yellow
1 pair of grey lenses
1 micro fiber cleaning cloth
1 soft goggles case

All lenses are impact resistant polycarbonate with 100% UV protection.

4440 Roadster Chrome

Chrome finish on the frame with soft black leather padding and black 30 mm wide headband.

Order Number 444021  $195.00 


Replacement Parts

Order Number Name Price
#444001 REF. 4440 CLEAR LENSES $24.00
#444002 REF. 4440 YELLOW LENSES $24.00
#444003 REF. 4440 GREY LENSES $24.00
#440011 REF. 4400 HEADBAND 15mm wide $22.00
#440010 REF. 4400 30mm wide headband $24.00
#440006 NOSE BRIDGE SCREW - Gun $10.00
#440007 NOSE BRIDGE SCREW - Chrome $10.00