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Videos on Vintage Motorcycles

A-Z of British Motorcycles
Superbly researched three-part series, collectively featuring over 500 machines.

Volume 1. The Pioneers1898-1929
VHS 180min
Order Number #DU1111 $29.95
Volume 2. The Vintage Years 1930-1949
VHS 180min
Order Number #DU1112 $29.95
Volume 3. The Post War Classics 1950-2000
VHS 180min
Order Number #DU1113 $29.95

Best of British: BSA
The full story of the BSA, from its beginnings in the armaments trade of the eighteenth century, through the glory years of domination of the world motorcycle market, to the final sorry climax. VHS 70min
Order Number #DU1088 $29.95

Best of British: Norton
Norton is one of the most evocative names in the history of British motorcycling, and this video tells the whole Norton story. VHS 75min
Order Number #DU1087 $29.95

Best of British: Triumph
Triumph is one of the greatest names in British motorcycle history, with thousands of enthusiasts spread across several generations and around the world. VHS 75min
Order Number #DU1086 $29.95

Centennial Classic: The Highlights
The world's largest gathering of bike manufacturers and World champions together for a weekend of thrilling racing at Assen, Holland. VHS 61min.
Order Number #DU1091 $19.95

Centennial classic: The Riders
An in depth look at the world champions such as Geoff Duke, Surtees, Agostini, Read, Ubbiali, Redmon, Sheene, and the others who took part in this spectacular weekend. 70min.
Order Number #DU1092 $19.95

Centennial Classic: The Machines
Close-up with many of the rare and famous bikes from Honda, MV Agusta, Yamaha, Gilera, Benelli, Ducati, Suzuki and many more that took their riders to fame and glory. VHS 61min.
Order Number #DU1093 $19.95

99.99 Triumph
Three rare classic films from the acclaimed Woods Collection, including the assembly of a Triumph twin, Uphill's 99.99 mph 1969 Production TT victory and two great stories from the '72 TT. VHS 69min.
Order Number #DU1256 $19.95

Rare Races Volume 1
See never before seen film footage from some of America's greatest races. Featured in this presentation is amazing color film footage of: Daytona "200" Beach Races, 1947; 1947 Laconia, NH Races; Muskegon 1947 AMA National Hill Climb; Allentown 1/2 Mile Flat track races 1947; Plus other bonus footage. DVD, running time 34 minutes.
Order Number #RR1 $29.95

Classic Racer Experience
Usually it's the modern bikes that carry the on-bike cameras around the TT circuit, so here's a chance to join David Roper for a quick lap on a matchless G50 with all the classic sounds of a big single. VHS 30min
Order Number #DU1069 $19.95

Classic Superprix '89
Jon Surtees, Taveri, Minter & Marshall at the largest gathering of ex-works GP bikes since the 50's - MV's, Gilera, the supercharged '39 AJSV-4 & Porcupine and the only running Honda-6 & Norton Cosworth! VHS  52min.
Order Number #DU1258 $19.95

Daytona Classics '96: The return of the legends
Soak up the unique flavor of the Daytona International Speedway with Duke and Gilera, BMW's Battle f the Legends, Andrew Stroud on a Britten, on-bike Harley footage and more. VHS 60min
Order Number #DU1292 $19.95

Grand Prix 1956
Memorable races in color and black and white from the TT mountain, Ulster and other circuits starring Surtees in his TT debut vs. Lomas, Dale, and Kavanaugh, as wells Manx sidecars vs. the mighty BMWs. VHS 35min
Order Number #DU1139 $29.95

Motorcycle Sport 1950 Video
Sixty minutes of pure nostalgia! This film, made for the world famous Castrol Film Library, portrays a wide range of motorcycle sport activity during 1950, including Silverstone Saturday, Pioneer Run, Senior TT, Land's End Trial, International Six Day Trial and more. Narrated in classic period style by Graham Walker (father of Murray Walker). Also, Geoff Duke narrates you around a lap of the TT course in the 1952 color film and ponders on the possibility of a 100mph lap being achieved. VHS 60min.
Order Number #DU1065 $19.95

Multi Cylinder Magic Video
Relive the special magic of multi-cylinder motorcycles with the men who made them famous! This rich compilation of classic sights and sounds follows Redman, Agostini Roper, Taveri, Bonera Carruthers, Grant Cronshaw and Duke as they bring to life such historic' machines as the MV Agusta 500 Triple, 350 MV Triple, 350 MV-4 and 350 Benelli-4. Over one hour of colorful visual nostalgia! VHS 60min.
Order Number #DU1027 $19.95

Quest for Victory: Over 25 years with Elf in Motorcycle Sport
A wide ranging compilation spanning on and off-road bikesport from 1967-94, including rare on-bike footage, unique shots of top 70's and 80's riders and some wicked prangs. VHS 62min
Order Number #DU1518 $19.95

Rendezvous at the Ring
Lose yourself in the famous duel between duke on the Gilera 4 and Zeller on a BMW at the 1955 German GP, then switch to the '56 NW200 and dices between McIntyre, King, Miller & Hinton. VHS 46min
Order Number #DU1080 $19.95

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