Motorcycle Decals

BSA - more restoration decals

BSA Royal Tourist Golden Flash, 5-1/2", gold, red, and black.
$7.00 D44-00236

BSA Bantam, 3-1/2", red, white, black, yellow and blue. Tank decal, 1951 & up, all versions without plastic tank badges.
$5.40 D44-00200

BSA stacked rifles varnish transfer with 350cc designation, 2-3/4", gold.
N/A D44-00110

BSA stacked rifles varnish transfer, 2-3/4", gold.
$4.00 D44-00036
The Queen's Award to Industry, varnish transfer, 1967, 1-1/4", blue on silver.
$6.95 D44-00137

350cc displacement transfer only, 1", gold
$2.00 D44-00179

Barracuda varnish transfer, 4-1/2", white on black.
$8.50 D44-00103