Motorcycle Decals

Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield logo, reverse printed on black background.
Color Price Part No.
5" neon white $2.00 D44-00151
5" neon red $2.00 D44-00152
5" neon yellow $2.10 D44-00153
11" neon red $6.00 D44-00155
11" neon yellow $6.00 D44-00156

Tank Logo, 8-1/2", on clear mylar.
Color Price Part No.
Black $4.20 D44-00049
Red $4.20 D44-00050
White $4.20 D44-00051

Decal for chrome rear fenders, 4", black, gold and white.
$6.40 D44-00211

Round Royal Enfield varnish transfer, 2-1/4", red, black and gold.
$2.50 D44-00150

San Remo

San Remo rim/wheel decal. 1-3/4", blue, green, gold, red, black and white.
$3.70 D44-00278


Important, Do Not Pull..., Smiths warning label, 1-9/16" black on clear.
$2.00 D44-00222

Lubrication instructions, Smiths rear wheel speedo gearbox. Red on white.
$2.00 D44-00280