Motorcycle Decals


Max decal, 3-7/8", white.
$5.00 D44-00272


Moto Parilla, 3-1/2", blue, pair.
$10.00 D44-00228

Moto Parilla, 3-1/2", red, pair.
$10.00 D44-00229


Motocross 125cc varnish transfer, 5-5/8", red.
$3.00 D44-00143

Motocross 175cc varnish transfer, 5-5/8", red.
$3.00 D44-00144

Puch Europa Meister varnish transfer, 125/175cc, 1-5/8", gold and black.
$2.00 D44-00147

Puch Racing Team decal for tank top. 3", black, white, gold, and green on silver.
$2.20 D44-00146

Made in West Germany, 1-1/8", black on gold.
$2.20 D44-00159